The Marwari is a gaited horse with several gears. Other than posting, cantering and galloping, he engages in the REVAAL. This smooth and comfortable gait with minimal vertical movement is used in the desert to cover long distances in great comfort.

In rural Rajasthan the Marwari is commonly trained for dancing at the many festivals and marriages that occur throughout the year. This dancing is an ethnic form of haute e'cole and goes all the way back to the maneuvers of combat of previous centuries.

The natural bearing of these horses is very proud and showy with a high head carriage and a very alert appearance. The neck is beautifully arched in movement. The unique characteristic of this breed are the remarkable curled ears which form a perfect arch when pricked forward. The profile of the head is straight with a tendency to a roman nose rather than convex. The eyes are large, luminous and set wide. The coat is very fine and silky as befits a desert horse and is now known to grow denser in the colder winters of the USA.

Marwari Horses enjoying the snow in USA

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